Fond of Writing

Why are you here?

You are here because, deep down inside, you feel that something is missing in your life. More than that, you have had this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that a lack of discipline on your part could be remedied by finally following orders.

Why do you feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with your life?

Because somewhere in the core of your being, you know that you are a poser, a loser, that the only reason for your existing may be to serve as a bad example for others.

What can you gain?

You could answer this question yourself. You know within your heart that you can only develop the self-discipline you have been seeking by learning to take orders and follow correctly the orders of a woman.

Think of the possibilities...

All this time, you know that you have wasted your abilities and potential by permitting yourself to be distracted. You cling to the hope that someday you could be a much better person and accomplish much more.

Fond of Writing

A utility to do typing assignments for a Mistress. More info and download here.

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Fond of Writing Assignments


Fond of Writing is a typing program that permits a Mistress to assign typing tasks to her submissives and check to see that they have been properly performed.

Download the utility here. It is an .exe file, but I have set it up so that if you left-click on it your browser should give you a download popup. Since I have set up the download and you, being my helpless submissive, trust me explicitly, you will save it to your desktop or to another directory of your choice.

To use it, open the utility, then find the task you want to open. You did buy a task, didn't you?

Follow the instructions. If you make mistakes, the program will add minutes or repetitions to your task.

When you are done, it will give you a report to email to me if you wish to be graded. That way I can see that you completed the task and how well you did.

Have fun!